Waltek Testing Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional third-party testing lab platform specialized in testing and certification of electromagnetic compatibility EMC, electrical safety, radio & mobile, new energy lithium battery and environmental chemical of import and export commodities. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, currently has branches and offices in Dongguan, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhongshan and successfully listed on the "New Third Board" (stock code: 872229) in September 2017. Laboratory to "scientific fair and accurate" as the quality policy, with professional and efficient service to assist our customers according to quality on time access to relevant products market access, even if the product to the market ...

Since its inception, the company has been supported by many customers and cooperative organizations based on its corporate culture of "vitality, enterprising and synergy" and has conducted effective system management in accordance with the quality requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 and EN45001. And obtained: China National Hi-Tech Enterprise, Import and Export Commodity Inspection and accreditation body qualification certificate, CMA qualification accreditation laboratory in Guangdong Province, the FCC Federal Communications Commission authorized laboratory (CN5010), the United States authorized NVLAP qualification (600061-0), Canadian Ministry of Industry authorized qualifications, the United States TIMCO, Germany PhoenixLab, Australia SAA and other agencies authorized. Successfully applied for CE, ROHS, FCC ID, IC, CB, GS, CCC, SRRC, TELEC, KCC, E-Mark, UL, TUV, RCM, SAA and UN38.3 for many customers.

1. Famous brand support

       WALTEK Group’s brand member contain “WALTEK、SEM, HCT”, Trademark including “WALTEK️™、SEM️™、HCT️™、WALTEK-SEM️™、WALTEK-HCT️™” belong to WALTEK Group’s legal registered Trademark. Through many years  native and abroad exhibition promotion, WALTEK Group’s strong and famous brand support will assist your product’s quality lead to global market.

2. Strong technical support

WALTEK Grp has advanced test equipment and senior engineering team. For your product certification to provide effective technical support and site testing, especially in product testing and rectification services, SEM engineers can take into account the cost and production process factors, to develop feasible and effective certification rectification programs, as far as possible at the lowest cost Program to help customers pass one-time certification.

3. advanced experimental equipment

WALTEK Grp testing equipment from professional world-renowned brands, mainly Germany R & S Rodwicz, the United States Keysight, the French SATIMO, Danish K & B and Schwarz-Beck series brands, for the accuracy of the test to provide reliable data protection and technical support . At present, laboratories have been completed laboratory scale include:

International standard 3 meters full (half) radio wave radiation laboratory

Automotive electronic components testing laboratory

Mobile communications laboratory

Wireless RF communication laboratory

Electronic safety testing laboratory

New Energy Lithium Products Laboratory

Chemical Hazardous Materials Testing Laboratory

Environmental Reliability Testing Laboratory

Medical Device Testing Laboratory

RF exposure human health laboratory.

Above 14 years of development and technical precipitation,  WALTEK Grp has fully satisfied the international market access and multi-field testing and certification of the export of electronic products. At the same time, my laboratory also carry out a variety of standard and non-standard venue registration test business. WALTEK Grp "professional and efficient" service, through continuous efforts, "certification of global access," the certification program matures.