with increasing consumer concerns about toy safety, the new EU Toy Directive 2009/48/EC went into effect July 20, 2011, and will address new safety issues and improve enforcement activities.

The new Directive replaces the existing legislation, 88/378/EEC, which was drafted more than 20 years ago and no longer provides comprehensive toy safety standards that address the evolution and development of toys over the last two decades. The new EU Toy Directive identifies specific record-keeping requirements with which manufacturers must comply. These stipulate that manufacturers must complete, provide upon request and retain for 10 years the following items:


1.  EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC) that ensures a specific product meets all applicable safety provisions of the Directive, including documentation of self verification under Module A or third-party verification under Modules B and C of the Directive.

2.  Complete technical file that contains product description and use information, manufacturing process information, test reports, traceability information and product packaging

3.  Safety assessments to identify potential hazards as outlined under Article 18 must be conducted

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