wireless Radio & Telecom Testing

service Items

Assist on product certification/approvals of international authorities.

Wireless receiving / broadcasting devices regulation testing / report issuance / certificate application

services for a variety of  countries.

Domestic low-power emitters testing / debug / report issuance / certificate application services.

Communication product testing / report issuance / certificate application services.

Consultancy on international regulations and wireless / mobile phone / communications technology.

RF Testing / debug / report issuance / certification application services.

Mobile phone EMC testing service.

WiMAX WIFI Bluetooth SRD EMC testing service.

MIMO testing service.

DFS Master/Slave testing service.

SAR testing service.

Product debugging & PCB layout.



Wireless Radio Products

Wireless transmitter & receiver, security device, wireless walkie talkie,
wireless microphone, remote controller, wireless network devices,
image transmission system, blue-tooth, wireless keyboard / mouse,
and other low-power wireless transmitter & receiver.

Wireless Radio & Telecom Products

2G Mobile Phone, 3G Mobile Phone, 3.5G Mobile Phone

Telecom Products

Corded phone, cordless multi-handsets, fax machine, answering machine,
modem, modem card, and other communication products.

Wireless Testing Service

Wireless Radio Testing Service

FCC Part 15 Subpart BFCC Part 15 Subpart CFCC Part 15 Subpart EFCC Part 74FCC Part 95ARIB STD-T33ARIB STD-T66ARIB STD-T67ARIB STD-T71ARIB STD-T91EN 300 328EN 300 330EN 300 220-1EN 300 220-2EN 300 440EN 300 683EN 300 328EN 300 826EN 300 422EN 300 445EN 302 502EN 301 489-1EN 301 489-3EN 301 489-9EN 301 489-17EN 301 893EN 301 357EN 301 489 series standardsTaiwan NCC low-power Radio-frequency test / debug /       report issuanceCertification service for Japan, Australia, Canada       and Korea,  etc

DFS Master & Slave Testing Service

FCC Part 15.407EN 301 893 (802.11a/n)EN 302 502 (5GHz WiMAX)Japan DFS test

Wireless Radio & Telecom Testing Service

PLMN01PLMN08, PLMN09 RTTE01 / LP0002GCF CCEN 301 489-7 (GSM / GPRS / EDGE)EN 301 489-24 (WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA)EN 301 489-25 (CDMA2000 / EVDO Rev A)EN 301 511EN 301 908-1&2 (WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA)EN 301 908-1&4 (CDMA 2000 / EVDO Rev A)FCC Part 15BFCC Part 22HFCC Part 24ECTIA OTA (GSM / WCDMA / CDMA 2000 / EVDO Rev A)

SAR Testing Service

FCC OET65IEEE Std 1528RSS 102EN 50385EN 50383EN 50364EN 62479EN 50371EN 62311EN 50360EN 62209-1EN 62209-2CNS 14958CNS 14959MPE Evaluation

Telecom Testing Service

Telecom Testing Service

USA FCC Part 68Japan JATEEU TBR 21, 38CANADAIC CS - 03Taiwan DGT CertificationInternational communication regulation